About Us

About Us, Buds General store and its team are completely dedicated to providing high quality (organic) lab-tested, medical cannabis products to our members.

  • We treat our members and healthcare professionals with respect and do our best through continued education to inform members about management through cannabis treatments and alternative health practices, as a supplement to standardized medicine.
  • Buds General Store offers our members a safe option as an agent/administrators versus the dangerous practices of the illegal drugs market. Our agents seek to represent the best practices for the administration, regulation and taxation of medical cannabis. Our team pledges to uphold the laws of Canada.

About Us Medicine.

  • Our goal is to provide under our members direction, through our Canada Food Safe suppliersconsistent high-grade cannabis products that our members and healthcare professionals can rely on for quality, excellent value and precise dosages.
  • We only use the highest (organic) medicinal qualities of each strain. We constantly work with our suppliers and government to increase our knowledge of new techniques and innovations, and we work with our members to ensure this knowledge finds its way into higher quality medicine.
  • Because of the relationships we have built over the years, as agents under the members direction, we can offer the best value to our members on select top-shelf medical cannabis at a great value. Then discreetly ship the medication, under the members direction to their home.
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Our Team.

Founders, (Brothers Joe, Rob.) Member Service Manager: Greg, J.  Memberships: Dale, R.  Healthcare professional Inquires: Athena, Z.  Shipping and Logistic Manager: Mike, H.

On October 19 2015 a new Prime Minister of Canada emerged with a clear message to Canadians. Premier Justin Trudeau’s message to Canadians was: he intends to have medical marijuana dispensaries in every city in Canada. Well that’s the day the 3 brothers wants to make our new premiers dream a reality. We wanted to help people who need medication get the proper products. No Guessing, No Mystery, No BS just great consistent dosages and Value.

  • Our Team works as agents and administrators under the members direction to deliver, lab tested, properly packaged, medical cannabis products.
  • Buds General Store agents are here to do whatever we can and give dignity to all our members.
  • Each and every one of our team members and administrators has had or do have medical conditions that requires the use of our products.
  • We are not doctors and can not prescribe medicine. Our team is totally dedicated to the advancement of education for both members and healthcare providers
  • Plus our pet products being released shortly are only tested on human team members to ensure quality for our pets.

Proudly Canadian.