Member Testimonials

We Thank our people for their Member Testimonials. It is what keeps us going.


Dear Joe

First thank you for providing a place where people my age 55 can get there medication in a very simple to use website. For years I use to travel to the dispensary on commercial drive, and felt very uncomfortable inside, so thank you for delivering my medication to me. Also the lady that helped me with my member application was so nice and helpful. This industry can learn from you guys and gals. Member Testimonials

Dave member number xxxxxx

Thanks Dave our focus is on member service and supplying the very best and consistent products to our members. All our people here at Buds also use the products, if we don’t like it we don’t offer it!

And our focus is member for life. I here you on some of the dispensaries. Every day I shake my head.

Thanks for your comments.



Dear Sir

My name is Ryan member# xxxxx I have a suggestion on your site. I just purchased some of your cookies and love the almond crunch. I am a pensioner with limited income and like variety. My suggestion is if you can offer only one cookie purchase so I can try them all.

Dear Ryan, We listen to all our members and appreciate the comments. As of yesterday you will notice on the site, we took your suggestion and now offer singles. Also if you check your e-mail we now offer to a 10% discount code for pensioners, you enter on checkout. Our way of saying thankyou.

Any other changes you would like to see please keep them coming. We listen.

Thanks Ryan



Why is Buds General Store the only one that actually tells us how much THC. CBD is in the products. Every other store or dispensary keeps this a mystery. WHY? With your cookies I can split them in half, and get the same amount of medicine every time. Thanks for setting the standard.

Well Greg. Like you we have all had the mystery batch. One of the reasons for the store, is to provide proper consistent measurements. We don’t like guessing and our members shouldn’t have to guess either.



Dear Joe I am so happy that free shipping is on $100 order. However do you still have home delivery? Couldn’t see it on the site.

Absolutely Kevin, We had a couple of incidence with our voluntary drivers treated poorly and members not home when they said they would be, plus as you know from experience, we have never charged a member for this service. We are currently interviewing couriers that can transport medical products to our members. Till then we still deliver to our members home, just not advertised on the main site. Never know I might be the one doing your next delivery.


Hi Joe this is from your visit with Denise at Lionsgate hospital. Thanks for believing and never giving up.

Her husband Collin took the picture of Denise giving joe a hug and kiss. Look at her now.after 2 years of  Bud and Herbs CBD Products.

Joe Visiting Denise at Lionsgate Hospital.
Joe Visiting Denise at Lionsgate Hospital after a kiss.

Dear Joe

I have horrible joins pain do to RA and also I developed FM 15 years ago. I tried the sport recovery cbd bars and the pain in 90% is gone as long as I take half a bar in the morning and half at night time.. Give it a shot, you should know after a month if is working for you.
Katrina H.
October 04, 2016

Hello Joseph

Just wanted to thank you for what you and your agents do, I know that I was difficult, but you never gave up. Thank You.michael-on-the-beach-feb-2016-copy

Here is a picture of Michael and me on the beach in Mexico.

A year ago I never thought that we would ever see a sunset together.

Gwen and Michael









Hi guys.

I really like the new shatter.  I can actually function on it.  Joe, I am good right now.I am getting my doses right and learning what works for me.I have almost completely stopped all alcohol medicating.  I have not taken even onepharma pill since I started using your products and that includes over the counter.

Thank you for caring.



If it wasn’t for the home delivery service Buds General Store provide to people like me in wheelchairs, i would spend the hole day traveling to the dispensary.

Plus the support i receive from Joe and his staff in treatment options has changed my life. Thanks Joe for everything you are a saint.



“I have been living with chronic pain since I was 11 years old. Being 38 now I have had plenty of experiences over the years with companies and products who offer relief for this pain. However Buds is the first time that the product helps bring my daily pain from an 8 or 9 to, at times, none at all. if that wasn’t enough, Joe and his team are the nicest people I have dealt with in years. They care so much for their clients health and well being, the focus is not on sales it’s on helping people. I could never thank you guys enough for your superior product, your help and your kindness.


Hi Guys
Love the CBD suppository. It’s been so helpful for me. Wonderful for stress, sleep, anxiety, and pms.
Chanel C.
December 09, 2016
( Thanks Chanel a lot of research and development went into the CBD Suppository and after your kind works it was worth it.)
I use Buds General store for 6 months now. I am off of all my diabetes and high blood pressure meds. I now have normal A1C and blood pressure numbers!
May 11, 2017
(Thanks Melody We also need to let people know that you worked closely with your doctor, NEVER go off your meds with out speaking to your doctor)
I’ve been using your Skin Cream for a frozen shoulder, love it and of course first thing Dr wants to give me is opioids ??
Kelly. M.
July 3, 2017
( Thanks Kelly i also use the the Skin Sav every day as a topical for my hands, all those years of racing Motocross is catching up with me)
I recently doubled the amount of CBD sport recovery chew tabs I take for joint pain, sore muscles, etc. It is truly miraculous – got rid of back pain in two hours, almost no stiffness in joints when I wake up….thank you mother earth, for providing this safe and wonderful remedy!
Hannah O. B.
July 7, 2017
( thats what it is all about Hanna finding the proper dose every one is different.)
Hi Joe
It has helped me tremendously.. I have taken sleeping pills for over 15 years and now can cut down because of CBD hemp oil … which is much safer than ambien and other things I take …I have chronic insomnia and it will never go away so this stuff is a blessing .. not sure why they had rather someone overdose on sleeping pills than be able to buy CBD products at local pharmacies without prescription.. but I’m totally fine with buying mine online at Herbs General Store so I don’t care.
Laura R
August 09, 2017
( I here you)
I have been using Sport recovery bars for several months Ihave fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetic, high blood pressure. This CBD has given me my life back. Very little pain now.
L. Berry
September 04, 2017
just tried CBDTabs today with marked decrease of pain , an uplifted mood, and more energy. I suffer from chronic lyme with accelarated osteoarthritis in all my joints. And i only needed 2 i put them under the tounge .cant wait for the CBD to get into all my tissues.
D.J. Biarsky
September 18, 2017
( The endocannabinoid system  is so vast and under researched please Don keep us up to date on your experience.)
Hi Joe
I have been using it now for months it is making a big difference I am off my opioids and the morphine and I had to take during the day I have colon problems it has helped with that and I also have back and hip problems the pain has disappeared from that
October 10, 2017
( Hay Glen thanks for the update and i am so happy you finally spoke with your doctor)
November 6 2017
Hay Guys Dave here from Calgary, It has being 3 month now on the 1-Two-! Chew tabs and just got a job after being on disability for 4 years. Only part time but better than no time. Keep up the great work.
December 28 2017
Joe Thanks for taking the time and showing patients with me on the phone, it has being 3 month now and the cbd’s have taken away 90% of my anxiety. More people should know THC can cause anxiety espesily if you have ADD like me.

Happy New year Joseph, thank you once again for cumming over to help us during the storm and bringing me my medication and dog food, here is the picture of you and i. Thank you and God bless you for what you do for people like me. Ivy

January 2018
I use Bud and Herbs Indica Chew’s. Helps with my anxiety and anxiety attacks and relieves my nerve pain in the back from disc herniation. Compared to Tramadol the side effects are very little. Only dizziness, a bit forgetful and hungry! Otherwise it helps a lot. You can’t get addicted to Cannabis as well or need to adjust the dose.”

qqii (taken for 2 years) February 4, 2018

Hi Guys i recomend for pain“CBD Sport recovery chew tabs  (not smoking) have been highly effective in combo with my other arthritis meds, methotrexate, humira, etc. just started and there is improvement every day. Didn’t try to get it covered through insurance.”

Jo Lynn  June 8, 2018


January 20 2019

January 20 2019 Picture of Joe with Chrystal at the green cross , she has being using the Bud and Herbs sport recovery chew tabs now for 8 months with tremendous results in movement and pain.She made him a Peace, Love, Happiness, pillow showing how her hands have improved so much she can now sew a bit to make a little extra money.