What are Nutraceuticals and Bioavailability.

So what are What are Nutraceuticals and Bioavailability. It is the Next generation in Natural health treatment options.


Nutraceuticals is a broad umbrella term that is used to describe any product derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. They can be considered non-specific biological therapies used to promote general well-being, control symptoms and prevent malignant processes. Dr Tomislav Meštrović, MD, PhD.

The philosophy behind nutraceuticals is to focus on prevention, according to the saying by a Greek physician Hippocrates (known as the father of medicine) who said “let food be your medicine”. Their role in human nutrition is one of the most important areas of investigation, with wide-raging implications for consumers, health-care providers, regulators, food producers and distributors.


Definition: “Fraction of a dose of drug that is absorbed from its site of administration and reaches, in an unchanged form, the systemic circulation.”

Bioavailability Description

The drug, its route of administration and its galenic formulation determine the amount of administered dose absorbed into the circulation. Patient dependent factors also influence bioavailability.

When the drug is administered orally the bioavailability depends on several factors:

  1. Physicochemical properties of the drug and its excipients that determine its dissolution in the intestinal lumen and its absorption across the intestinal wall.
  2. Decomposition of the drug in the lumen.
  3. pH and perfusion of the small intestine.
  4. Surface and time available for absorption.
  5. Competing reactions in the lumen (for example of the drug with food).
  6. Hepatic first-pass effect.


Take a fresh orange and squeeze the juice in a glass, now we have not changed the molecular structure of the orange by cold squeezing the juice (Nutraceutical) in the glass.

Now look at the synthesized pharmaceutical, vitamin C tablet. Synthesize in Medicine.

synthesize syn·the·size (sĭn’thĭ-sīz’)

  1. To combine so as to form a new, complex product.
  2. To form or produce by chemical synthesis.

If you drink the Pure orange Juice you will get 100% Bioavailability, Same principle in all the Bud and Herbs Products.

What do you think the Bioavailability of a Synthesize tablet is?